Our Story

We are a Christian family enjoying life in the Midwest. My husband Jared and our oldest son, Noah, began their woodworking journey in 2013. The start of Noah’s Wooden Treasures is actually the result of Noah’s entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 9, he came to his Dad one day and tried to convince him that he could make money by giving kids ninja lessons in our back yard. I’m not sure if Jared laughed out loud or kept his amusement concealed. Noah was pretty confident in his ninja skills and it took some major convincing from his Dad that to be able to give ninja lessons, one has to actually be a ninja. After it sunk in and Noah’s dream started to fade, Jared told him that maybe he could design and create wooden toy swords, daggers and axes for kids.  If people liked them, then potentially we could sell them. Noah’s eyes lit up and he got to work right away designing the first of many wooden treasures for kids.


Together with his Dad, Noah had a great time making the first set of swords and daggers. Jared thought of his Pap while they worked out in the shop. He had inherited his grandfather’s woodworking equipment and thought back to the days when he was a young boy and would stand beside his Pap while he worked on a project.


Noah was so pleased with his swords and daggers, he couldn’t wait to show them to everyone. They became an immediate hit with his siblings and many friends who would come over for play dates.  Noah’s Wooden Treasures was born! They have enjoyed being vendors at a few local sales each year and have expanded their list of wooden treasures to include cutting boards, tables, napkin holders, shelves, and more (check out our gallery and store).  Noah loves talking with customers and sharing about the details of the products. Over the last few years, Noah, his Dad and his other siblings have been enjoying working in the shop together.


Over 95% of our products are made from reclaimed Indiana hardwood, including white and red oak, black walnut, cherry, and hard maple.  Each item is meticulously handmade in our home shop, and great efforts are taken to provide the best quality for our customers. We care about your happiness and product satisfaction.  We also strive to make our wooden treasures affordable. We want you to have the high quality without the high price tag.

Our family would be delighted and grateful if you took the time to look around our site. Hopefully you can find a wooden treasure that would be perfect for you or a gift for someone you love.

Visit our family blog to get to know us better. We look forward to serving you!